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As the year comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months. Below are some key aspects we would like to acknowledge and share.

floragunn Turns 10

This year was a special year for us, because floragunn, the maker of Search Guard, turned 10. It has been a super exciting journey with many ups and downs, but thankfully, more ups overall. We steadily grew the company from a small startup into a proper organization that provides value and supports customers worldwide.
To celebrate, we took the liberty to blog about the journey and shared it so everyone may read the floragunn story. Also, check out our values and principles and what motivates us here.

Releases, Releases, Releases

Since floragunn turned 10 (and Search Guard turned 6 and a half), it's time for a little recap. And because we love numbers and figures as much as any other nerd, we began counting our releases. Without any claim for completeness, we have supported a total of 187 Elasticsearch releases and published:
    568 Search Guard Releases
    287 Search Guard Enterprise and Compliance Releases
    200 Search Guard SSL Releases
    138 Single Enterprise Modules Releases
    410 Kibana Plugin Releases
This means a whopping number of 1603 published artifacts over the course of the last 6.5 years. If we only count the full releases of our Elasticsearch and Kibana plugins, this still means a total of 978 releases, or 12.5 releases per month. As you can imagine, we have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our QA processes and CI/CD pipelines to automate as much as possible.
Our Automated Release Pipeline: 41620DAE-2B6C-4552-BF8A-666F8229E943 1 105 c

The Year of FLX

You may have noticed that this year we have gone a bit quieter than the years before. The reason was definitely not that we are running out of steam, but quite the contrary: Behind the scenes, we were super busy creating the next generation of Search Guard which will take configuration, performance and versatility to the next level. Meet Search Guard FLX, the new kid on the block. Read all the details here.
Explore the new command line tool here, read about handling configuration variables in Search Guard FLX and we also have a blog post demonstrating how to set up Kibana with multiple authentication types. There are also videos to show Search Guard FLX in action!
Even our pets are FLX ;) IMG 5685

Post COVID Contact

Since we always have been a remote-first company and are used to working with a team that is distributed around the world, COVID did not change the way we work together so much. However, it was a great relief to finally be able to travel more easily and meet up in person again. And of course, conferences and events are also accessible again. This year, two events from our good friends at netways stood out, the StackConf and the OSMC. We attended StackConf and were a sponsor at OSMC, and both events were packed with exciting talks and technical insights. And, of course, we also enjoyed some beers with old friends ;) Thanks again to netways for organizing these events, here are some impressions: IMG 6763 IMG 6686 ima 721f133

To the Next Ten Years

2022 was an interesting, turbulent, exciting, and also decisive year for us. Our main learning is that if you stay true to your values and principles, and always try to deliver what is best for your customers, and what creates the most value for them, you cannot go wrong. Everything else falls into place eventually. So here is to the next 10 years of excitement and adventure!
We are grateful to be where we are and very excited to see where the road leads next year. We have an exciting roadmap for 2023 and are engaged with the community to continue flying the open source banner. We are working on improvements to Signals, our free and Open Source Alerting Solution for Elasticsearch. We have already began publishing some improvents with the latest FLX 1.1.0 release and more to come in Q1 next year.
Special thanks to all users, customers, partners and not forgetting our growing team.
A very Happy New Year to you all, Claudia and Jochen
Published: 2022-12-15
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