Seguridad empresarial robusta a todos los niveles

Search Guard te ofrece un control total de la seguridad en todo tu entorno de Elasticsearch. Si lo que quieres es encriptar datos en tránsito, autentificar usuarios respecto al Active Directory, usar Kerberos o JSON Web Tokens para Single Sign-On o supervisar y registrar intentos de acceso maliciosos, Search Guard es tu solución integral.

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Search Guard pone la seguridad ante todo. Tus datos son demasiado valiosos y confidenciales como para tomar atajos.

Código completamente


¿Te preocupan las puertas traseras o las funcionalidades ocultas? ¿Quieres asegurarte de que Search Guard no «llama a casa»? ¿Necesitas hacer una auditoría interna antes de usarlo en producción? Creemos que todo el software de seguridad debe ser de código abierto por definición, por lo que todo nuestro código está a tu disposición para que lo descargues, examines, evalúes y audites.

de cumplimiento normativo


Las normas de cumplimiento en materia de seguridad como el RGPD, la HIPAA, la PCI DSS o la SOX, requieren que una empresa proteja, supervise y controle el acceso a los datos confidenciales. Search Guard ofrece una amplia gama de características que te ayudarán a cumplir con los requisitos técnicos de las normativas de cumplimiento.

Empresas de
Fortune 500


Una gran variedad de empresas, desde compañías de Fortune 500 hasta las empresas emergentes más innovadoras de todo el mundo, confían en Search Guard para proteger sus entornos, y con razón. Search Guard funciona en clústers de producción críticos a gran escala protegiendo datos confidenciales en los sectores financiero, de la salud, farmacéutico, de la aviación, de las telecomunicaciones, de la seguridad y de la inteligencia de datos.

¿Qué obtienes con Search Guard?

Search Guard es una solución integral en materia de seguridad y cumplimiento normativo. Es versátil, flexible y de eficacia probada.

La licencia de Search Guard se concede por clúster de producción, no por nodos. No tiene límite de nodos, por lo que no debes preocuparte por que suban los precios. Amplía tu clúster, ¡no los gastos! Todos los demás sistemas, como desarrollo, pre-producción, integración, test y similares, también están incluidos sin costo adicional.

We support TLS encryption for all data in transit, on REST and also on Transport layer. Make sure your traffic cannot be stolen or tampered with, and that only trusted nodes can join your cluster. Take the first step towards compliance!

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Search Guard supports encryption at rest on a file system level by using libraries like dm-crypt.

Leverage your existing Active Directory or LDAP servers for Elasticsearch authentication and authorization. Our flexible configuration makes it possible to map nearly any Directory structure to Search Guard roles. We support role subtrees, attribute-based roles and also nested roles.

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Especially in Windows environments, Kerberos is the authentication method of choice. Search Guard supports Kerberos and SPNEGO natively, so it integrates perfectly with any Windows-based Single Sign On infrastructure.

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Search Guard provides fine-grained role-based access to any index in your cluster. Control exactly what a user is able to do with your valuable data by using either pre-defined permission sets like READ, WRITE, DELETE, or by granting access based on individual Elasticsearch actions.

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Document-level security restricts a user’s access to certain documents within an index. Field-level security enables you to include or exclude fields from the documents in the search result. This gives you full control over which roles can see what data, all the way down to individual fields.

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Audit logging enables you to track access to your Elasticsearch cluster, log security related events and provide evidence in case of an attack. Audit logging helps you to stay compliant with security regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI or SOX.

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Document-level security restricts a user’s access to certain documents within an index. Field-level security enables you to include or exclude fields from the documents in the search result. This gives you full control over which roles can see what data, all the way down to individual fields.

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Sometimes logging audit events is not enough, and you need to keep track of what is going on in your cluster at a deeper level. For example, to maintain compliance with GDPR. Search Guard can monitor and store any read or write access at document and field level. You know exactly which user has seen or modified which documents and fields, and when. This is compliance implemented in the right way.

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Any change to your Elasticsearch and Search Guard infrastructure can be monitored and recorded. Need to prove that your security configuration has not been altered? Want to know what access permissions a particular role had seven months ago? Or need to make sure that critical security patches have been installed on time? Our compliance features enable you to do all of these things.

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Before returning results to the client Search Guard can anonymise fields on a per-role basis. No need to anonymise at ingest time anymore!

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Tired of Kibana users being able to see all your dashboards and visualizations? Meet Search Guard multitenancy, which allows you to set up different spaces in Kibana which are only accessible for certain roles. Want to separate dashboards by department or role? With Search Guard multitenancy you can!

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We support Kibana Single Sign-On and offer a variety of technologies to choose from, including SAML, OpenID, Kerberos, JWT or Proxy authentication.

Search Guard supports SAML and integrates perfectly with identity providers like Okta, Auth0, Keycloak, OneLogin or any other SAML compliant provider.

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JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are an open, industry standard method for implementing lightweight Single Sign On solutions. We support JWT out of the box, so Search Guard integrates perfectly with any Identity Provider that supports JWT or OpenID.

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The REST management API is a great tool to automate the management of users, roles and permissions in your running cluster. Integrate Search Guard with tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet, or configure any aspect of Search Guard with a simple curl command.

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Search Guard can be configured by using our powerful command line tools from any machine that has access to your cluster. But sometimes you want a more visual way of configuration, or give your users and customers self-access. Meet our Kibana-based configuration GUI which makes it super-easy to manage all aspects of Search Guard.

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Search Guard is compatible with the Elastic stack, including Kibana, Logstash, Beats and X-Pack.

Search Guard is compatible with Cross Cluster Search and tribe nodes. You can use all Search Guard features without limitations.

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Search Guard runs perfectly on virtualised or containerised environments like Docker or AWS.

Our licensing model

Search Guard offers several licensing models to fit your infrastructure and requirements.

Search Guard

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Compliance Edition

Stay compliant with
Data Protection Regulations.

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