Java Lead Developer

Berlin, DE / Remote


We are looking for a Java Lead Developer who helps us improve Search Guard and professionalize the IT processes.
The ideal candidate would completely own the position 
and work together with the team and the CTO to streamline and automate all processes. The position offers a high level of freedom and responsibility.



You work together with the CTO on the general architecture of Search Guard and it’s features. You make proposals on how to improve the code base and how to best implement new features.

Feature Development
You work on implementing new Search Guard features and on improving and extending existing ones. You will work with a broad range of technologies and libraries and make sure that all pieces fit together as a whole. You will be responsible for specifying new features and making sure they are implemented according to the spec.

Since Search Guard integrates deeply with Elasticsearch, you will make yourself familiar with Elasticsearch inner workings. You will gain deep knowledge about all Elasticsearch features and the request flow in an Elasticsearch cluster. You will monitor the development of Elasticsearch and make sure that changes that break Search Guard are detected early. You will be responsible for keeping Search Guard compatible with future Elasticsearch releases.

Code Quality
You set the standards regarding code formatting and code patterns. You conduct code reviews and monitor the code quality via tools like SonarQube. You are responsible for checking pull requests from other developers or the community and to merge and test them if they are accepted.

Code coverage
You make sure that the code coverage regarding unit- and integration tests is high and that all features are sufficiently tested before they are published. If necessary you add missing tests or work together with QA for that. You monitor the bug pipeline and ensure that each discovered issue is covered with a unit or integration test once fixed.

Team lead
You are the go-to person for all Search Guard developers when it comes to technical questions and decisions. You lead the discussions when it comes to technical decisions and make sure everyone has a solid understanding about the current architecture and future decisions. You will onboard and train new developers. You are responsible for planning new projects and oversee the development.

Security audits
You are constantly working on improving the security of Search Guard and conduct code reviews and penetration testing. You are monitoring the static code analysis we perform via the Veracode platform, and make sure no security flaws make it into an official release.

Release management
You are working together with the QA and release manager to plan and execute Search Guard releases. You prioritise the feature pipeline in coordination with management and the rest of the team.

User documentation and support
User documentation and support is a combined effort at Search Guard. You will contribute to the documentation and help to maintain and improve its quality. You will answer technical questions from our customers and users, and consult them regarding feature details and their specific use cases.



Ideally you already have knowledge in some of the following topics:

• 6+ years of Java development
• Profound knowledge in IT security and related technologies like TLS, PKI, LDAP, Kerberos, SAML etc.
• Distributed systems, application clusters
• Big Data / Document oriented databases
• Elasticsearch and Kibana
• Maven and maven release processes
• Docker and docker compose
• Docker related technologies like Kubernetes or DC/OS
• AWS and terraform



We are result-oriented: We care more about the quality and result of your work than about 
how many hours you spent working on it. We are a small team, so you have the chance to also contribute to other areas and learn new stuff. We are passionate and focused and don’t shy away from bold decisions. Since our team is spread around the globe, you should be comfortable working in our  headquarters in Berlin, but also with working remotely. We have a global customer base,  including many of the tech giants, so you have a chance to work with them and with our international business partners.

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