security lessons dark web
Security lessons from the Dark Web
Ewa Anna Szyszka || 2020-10-05
In this article we focus on the security lessons that can be learned from the Dark Web, which is only a small part of the Deep Web. ...
Elasticsearch Single Sign On
The Anatomy of Single Sign On
Ewa Anna Szyszka || 2020-09-24
Single Sign On is a subset of federated authentication management and can be split into two main tasks: Federation and Delegation. ...
demystifying kubernetes
Demystifying Kubernetes
Ewa Anna Szyszka || 2020-09-17
This article provides a high-level overview on Kubernetes and how it can help you set up a fully containerised environment. ...
machine learning cyber security
Machine Learning in Information Security
Ewa Anna Szyszka || 2020-09-07
Data is the new oil and the fundament of our digital economy today. How can we use AI to create a more secure tomorrow? ...
elasticsearch zero trusted networks
Zero-trusted networks
Cliff Staley || 2019-01-02
To secure your data in Elasticsearch, leveraging perimeter security is not sufficient anymore. Why you should switch to a zero-trusted network approach. ...
security distributed systems
Security for distributed systems
Cliff Staley || 2018-02-20
In this article, we focus on some critical features of implementing security for distributed systems and see how do they affect Elasticsearch and Kibana. ...
Search Guard puts security first
Search Guard puts security first
Jochen Kressin || 2018-01-30
Search Guard provides the highest level of security for Elasticsearch possible. Our mission is to always put security first. ...
Security means open source by definition
Security means Open Source by definition
Claudia Kressin || 2017-10-26
The source code of Search Guard was always publicly available. Any security solution has to be open source by definition. ...
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