Happy Birthday Search Guard and welcome new Earthling

By Jochen Kressin
It's birthday time! Exactly four years ago, we released the very first version of Search Guard for Elasticsearch 2.3.3, and the four years since then have been absolutely fantastic. Thanks to all Search Guard users and customers for your input, support, and trust in us, this is really highly appreciated! So we take this opportunity to share some history and fun facts with you.
Search Guard First Release
As you may already know, the origins of Search Guard date back as early as 2013. At that time, Elasticsearch 1.0.0 was not released yet, and of course, no security solution existed.
The initial plugin was un-creatively named "Elasticsearch security plugin, " which became what is Search Guard today. This initial version already provided support for LDAP/ActiveDirectory, Kerberos/SPNEGO, Client certificate authentication, and security on field level.
A lot has happened since these early days. We have managed to follow the fast release cycle of Elastcsearch very closely and have released Search Guard versions for nearly 100 Elasticsearch releases. Adding our own release cycles, this means over 200 hundred releases or around 4 releases each month. A big "thank you" goes out to our development and DevOps team, this wouldn't be possible without your constant efforts and passion!
Search Guard 5 arrives
Apart from the usual bug fixes and improvements, we continuously added new major features, such as the Search Guard Compliance Edition or, just recently, Signals Alerting, a completely free and Open Source alerting solution for Elasticsearch.
signals alerting elasticsearch
In many cases, Search Guard was the first security solution that offered highly requested features like JSON web token support, OpenID, Kibana multitenancy or Field anonymization.
Speaking of Open Source, Search Guard was always driven by our core principles: Open Source, Security first, and a fair and transparent licensing model that does not annoy you. Since the first release, and even before that, all our code has been publicly available. All releases are scanned by Veracode for security vulnerabilities, both in our own code and also all third-party libraries. Plus a license model that is not based on volume - scale your cluster, not your cost!
We have attended numerous events, conferences, and fairs to promote Search Guard and our mission - to help raise awareness of IT security's importance.
search guard rsa booth
Search Guard RSA 2018
search guard rsa
Answering questions, solving issues, and helping to protect your clusters - in short, being there for users - wouldn't be possible without our great partners and definitely not without our team in sales and support. Over the years, our team grew in all areas, including development, QA, marketing, sales, and business operations. We know that probably every company states the following, but we genuinely believe we have the most excellent team in the world ;)
Finally, we'd like to thank YOU, our loyal users, for your constant support and encouragement! We are very much looking forward to the next years. You rock!
Claudia and Jochen
happy birtrhday search guard
P.S. It's not only the birthday of Search Guard today. One of our team members became the father of a lovely daughter
Image: shutterstock / Studio Romantic
Published: 2020-06-17
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