hall of fame

Hall of Fame: Barnaby Jack
Jochen Kressin || 2023-05-29
Barnaby Jack: Hacking the World One ATM at a Time, with Style! ...
Karl Koch
Hall of Fame: Karl Koch
Jochen Kressin || 2023-05-17
Karl Kochs legacy as a member of the legendary Chaos Computer Club and his involvement in a series of high-profile hacking incidents continue to inspire and intrigue ...
Kevin Mitnick
Hall of Fame: Kevin Mitnick
Jochen Kressin || 2023-04-25
We present the "Hall of Fame," an article series highlighting the industry's most important and controversial figures ...
Captain Crunch
Hall of Fame: Captain Crunch
Jochen Kressin || 2023-04-11
John Draper, also known as "Captain Crunch," was a legendary figure in the world of phone phreaking and computer hacking in the 1970s and 80s ...
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