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Pioneering the way forward in security, our technology is engineered to ensure a safe environment around your Elastic Stack - safeguarding data and granting peace of mind.

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Completely Open Source

Closed source security is no security, never leave the control of your data to a third party. Zero trust in networks, zero trust in closed source. We think that security software has to be Open Source by definition, so all of our code is available for you to download, inspect, evaluate and audit.

Compliance ready

Security compliance regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS or SOX require a business to protect, track and control access to sensitive data. Search Guard offers an extensive range of features that will help you to meet the technical requirements of compliance regulations.

All industry sectors

Search Guard runs on high-scale mission-critical production clusters protecting sensitive data in the finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, aviation, telecommunications, security, and data intelligence sectors.
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Red Hat® OpenShift
Red Hat® OpenShift is a container application platform that brings docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise. OpenShift includes Kubernetes for container orchestration and management.
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ObjectRocket uses Search Guard to secure their next-generation Kubernetes-based managed Elasticsearch service.
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Würth Phoenix
Würth Phoenix is a software company belonging to the Würth-Group, world market leader in the trade of assembly and fastening materials, offering business software for ERP, CRM and IT System Management. With its Unified monitoring solution NetEye, the company developed a best-of-breed approach of tried-and-trusted open source tools with external cloud applications that can be monitored just easily as services in data centers or hybrid services.
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Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the proven solution for companies seeking software-led digital transformation. The platform enables the continuous delivery of any app to every cloud empowering developers to be more productive and operators to be more efficient—accelerating feature delivery and deployment across clouds without downtime. Altoros Elasticsearch for PCF abstracts away the complexity of deploying and scaling a real-time distributed document store, search and analytics service. The integration deploys an enterprise-ready Elasticsearch cluster that can be shared among multiple PCF users.
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SIEMonster is a turnkey, open source, Enterprise grade Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), built on scalable, non-licensed components, fully documented and developed by the community and SIEMonster team. The product is free, fully documented, and there are no data or node limitations.
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Mitratech TeamConnect
The TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform consistently meets the complex operational needs of large, global legal departments. Whether your staff is managing litigation, contracts, intellectual property, product claims, compliance matters, or legal team projects, TeamConnect offers a market-proven, unified approach to managing all legal operations. With a completely redesigned interface and optimised user experience, TeamConnect is a solution your legal team will want to use.
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KubeDB by AppsCode
KubeDB by AppsCode makes it easy to run production-grade databases on Kubernetes. KubeDB provides a uniform declarative api to manage life-cycle of a datastore. Currently KubeDB includes support for following datastores: Elasticsearch, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Memcached.
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Siren is a team of enormously passionate data discovery and advanced search experts, scientists and engineers. They offer a unique combination of search, business intelligence, big graph and knowledge representation, which they define as Data Intelligence. With this concept Siren addresses some of the world’s most important problems.
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All Search Guard versions and all third-party libraries are verified and scanned for vulnerabilities by Veracode. CA Veracode Verified empowers us to demonstrate our commitment to creating secure software.
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Allianz for Cyber-Sicherheit
floragunn is member of the "Alliance for Cybersecurity", a body of the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany.
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floragunn GmbH is the official CVE numbering authority for Search Guard.
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floragunn is member of TeleTrust, a German federal association for IT security.
60-day PoC License

60-day PoC License

Want to see how your company can benefit from our Compliance edition? Sign up to our 60-day trial, completely free of charge.
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