Search Guard v43 Elasticsearch 7.8.0
Search Guard v43 is out
Jochen Kressin || 2020-07-07
Search Guard v43 for Elasticsearch 7.8.0 is available now, containing bug fixes and new features like certificate hot reloading or a new and improved Alerting block ...
Happy Birthday Search Guard
Happy Birthday Search Guard and welcome ...
Jochen Kressin || 2020-06-17
Search Guard, the enterprise security and alerting plugin for Elasticsearch was first released exactly four years ago. Happy Birthday! ...
search guard academic
Search Guard Academic & Scientific programme
Claudia Kressin || 2020-06-02
We provide Search Guard Enterprise and Compliance licenses free of charge to non-profit academic and scientific corporations ...
elasticsearch painless documentation
The Painless Painless Primer
Nils Bandener || 2020-05-05
A quick entry into the Painless programming language for Elasticsearch which can be used to write scripts for Signals Alerting ...
elasticsearch proxy authentication
Proxy authentication using TLS certificates
Aki Abramowski || 2020-02-24
The new Search Guard proxy authentication module for Elasticsearch and Kibana supports IP as well as TLS certificate authentication. ...
Elasticsearch Alerting Webhooks
Alerting: Creating webhook actions
Sergii Bondarenko || 2020-02-19
How to use the Signals Alerting Kibana plugin to create Elasticsearch alerts and push notifications to any webhook endpoint ...
Kibana Alerting Block Mode
Alerting: Using the Kibana Block Mode
Cliff Staley || 2020-02-10
How to use the block mode of the Kibana Signals Alerting plugin to easily create watches, thresholds and notifications. ...
Alerting for Elasticsearch - Signals Graph Mode
Alerting: Using the Kibana Graph Mode
Sergii Bondarenko || 2020-02-03
How to use the Signals Alerting Kibana plugin to create simple yet powerful watches and alerts with a few simple clicks ...
search guard 2019 2020
Thanks Community, Thanks 2019, Welcome 2020!
Claudia Kressin || 2020-01-27
Thanks to all of you, Search Guard has had a tremendous year 2019. Here are some of the highlights and an outlook to 2020. ...
signals alerting elasticsearch
Signals Alerting GA released
Jochen Kressin || 2020-01-22
We have released Signals GA, our free Enterprise Alerting solution for Elasticsearch, perfectly integrated with ...
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