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Frequently asked questions
What is Search Guard?
Search Guard is an Enterprise Security Suite that encrypts and protects your data and data flows in the entire Elastic Stack, including Kibana, Logstash and Beats.
Do you offer support?
Of course. We offer both free support for the Search Guard community as well as paid support for our customers. As paying customer you get direct access to the core Search Guard developers and we also guarantee SLAs via our support portal.
What is the easiest way to set up PoC?
The easiest way to set up a PoC and try out all Search Guard features is to use the Search Guard Demo Installer: Search Guard Demo Installer The installer comes with a trial license that enables all Enterprise and Compliance features for 60 days. If you need to extend your Search Guard trial, just get in contact with us and we’re happy to provide you with an extended license.
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If you need TLS certificates for testing or a PoC, our generator web service is here to ease the pain.
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We are the official CVE numbering authority for Search Guard. Browse the list of known issues.
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Disclosure Policy
If you have found a security related issue, please read our disclosure policy.
Search Guard - Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch and Kibana
Data breaches happen all the time and will cost your business reputation, customers, and money. That's why you should protect your sensitive data in Elasticsearch by using Search Guard, the free security and alerting suite for the Elastic stack!
Monitoring Elasticsearch by using Signals Alerting
Creating Elasticsearch Watches using the Signals Blocks Mode
Signals Alerting for Elasticsearch: Creating a simple alert
Creating Search Guard Users and Roles
Securing Elasticsearch and Kibana with the Zero Trusted Networks approach
Introducing Signals - Free Alerting for Elasticsearch
Keep your Elasticsearch GDPR compliant with Search Guard
Search Guard - Compliance Module
Search Guard puts security first
Mit Search Guard sensible Daten in Elasticsearch-Clustern DSGVO-konform speichern
Berlin, 09/10/2020. Datenpannen und Verstöße gegen die DSGVO sind immer häufiger miteinander verknüpft und aufgrund der Menge und Sensibilität der Informationen besonders kritisch. Mit der Compliance Edition des Security Plug-Ins Search Guard können personenbezogene und sensible Kunden- und Mitarbeiterdaten gesetzeskonform in Elasticsearch-Clustern gespeichert, bearbeitet und verwaltet werden. Durch rollenbasierte Zugriffsrechte, Write History und Feldanonymisierung erfüllen Unternehmen die Anforderungen der DSGVO und dokumentieren lückenlos die Einhaltung von Compliance-Richtlinien. Search Guard ist der einzige Anbieter, der DSGVO-Features für den Umgang mit sensiblen sowie PII Daten in Elasticsearch-Clustern anbietet.
Current release of Search Guard with new standard "Signals" function
Berlin, 07/23/2020. ​As of the current release version 7.x-42.0.0, Search Guard contains the new standard function "Signals". The alerting and monitoring feature helps IT administrators detect deviations and conspicuous changes in data stored in elasticsearch clusters. The more sensitive the data stored in the cluster, the more important it is to quickly detect abnormalities and prioritize them correctly. To do this, IT management needs an alerting strategy.
Search Guard expands sales activities in DACH
Berlin, 06/29/2020. floragunn GmbH, manufacturer of the security plug-in Search Guard, based in Berlin, is strengthening its business activities in the German-speaking market. Software resellers and distributors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who want to expand their portfolio in the area of Big Data Security with a user-friendly solution now have a direct person to contact.
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