Happy Birthday, Search Guard: We made it to SEVEN!

By Claudia Kressin
We made it to seven. To celebrate we share seven snapshots as we look back inspired by music that moves us all.


The first lines of code were written in 2013, and the first prototype and the first available version all came into being during the dark hours of the night. With a full-time day job and a family, the only time available to work on this 'hobby' project was when everyone else was sleeping.

Infinite Dreams

With Search Guard, Search Guard 2, and all the way up to Search Guard 5 we were receiving lots of positive feedback, and a few insights often from unexpected sources began to open our eyes to what the next versions of Search Guard should look like. The requests from users for this helpful tool began to shape the development of Search Guard with an unbelievable range of possibilities to improve and enhance the product.

Can I Play with Madness

Similarly to the beginning of the project, one man alone in the night created a significant number of lines of code and with that we entered the mad world of writing and, more importantly, maintaining Kibana plugins. This was a real game changer for us and is still used today.

The Evil That Men Do

We learned that in business there is always both, friend and foe, ups and downs. However, with our great team of people and a fantastic user base, we made it even through the toughest times. Thanks to all for your constant support over the last 7 years.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

With Search Guard 7 came Alerting and worldwide exposure. Search Guard was becoming well known, we were recognised at conferences and people were excited to have Security and Alerting from us. We were making a difference and will continue to do so.

The Prophecy

Coming from a services and consulting background, we were not sure how long the lifespan of Search Guard would be, and our initial prediction of three years has long been proven inaccurate. Just as all the other prophecies regarding Search Guards' lifespan have not come true. After Search Guard 6 we released 2 more major Search Guard versions. Now Search Guard FLX is taking flight.

The Clairvoyant

We appreciate every single Search Guard user and love being part of this amazing community. From users sending us emails with feature requests to meeting at conferences and events to the Search Guard forum. Our users know what they need before the code appears. They push for a better product, and we happily deliver.

Only the Good Die Young

We may have died a thousand deaths on our way, but we are still here and still going strong. We overcame insane release cycles from elastic, and we continued to grow the company through a pandemic and all with a remote-first team. We stood for our principles and our truth, our team, and our loyal users and will continue to do so. Thank you for all your support over the years, we are excited to see what comes next.
Here’s to the next year, to the next seven.
Claudia and Jochen
Published: 2023-06-17
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