By Claudia Kressin
With our first release of Search Guard a couple of years ago, it was clear to us that we want to give back to the community and society. So releasing our completely free Community Edition in 2016 under the Apache2 license was a logical step. Subsequently, we also provide free Enterprise and Compliance licenses for education and science. Meet the Search Guard Education & Scientific programme!

Our motivation

Here at Search Guard we believe that education and science are the most critical factors to cope with current and future problems or questions. That's why we want to support anyone working in this field - team, company, or institution. Protecting the planet and its natural resources is as important as shared prosperity with fair and sustainable growth.
Only research helps tackle the worldwide challenges we are facing today. Take global warming, for example, or our heavy dependence on fossil fuels and over-excessive consumption. It is essential to find effective ways of producing energy from renewable resources, a task for modern science.
Therefore we need an excellent education system. We have to ensure that every child anywhere in the world has access to education, regardless of the social and economic situation.

What is the Academic & Scientific programme?

We issue Search Guard Enterprise and Compliance licenses free of charge to your project or organization if it is non-profit and works in the area of science or education. The license does not terminate.
Find out how and where Search Guard is used in science and education institutes, including the following:
    HEAnet, National Education and Research Network, Ireland
    Arnes, The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia
    Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand
    University of Wisconsin, USA
    Max-Delbrück-Centre for molecular medicine, Germany
    Princeton University Libraries, USA
    Consortium GARR, national research and education Network, Italy
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
    British School of Bucharest, Romania
    Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany
    Deflect by, Canada
    Uninett AS, national science and education network, Norway
    Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
    KEK computing research centre, Japan
    SCAYLE - Supercomputación de Castilla y León, Spain

How to apply

It's pretty simple. Head over to our scientific and academic section on our website and drop us a note. Just let us know about your non-profit project you want to use Search Guard for. Even if you are unsure whether your project qualifies: leave us a message, and we will find ways to support you in your endevours!
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Institutions appreciate the features and the team "fighting for better security of these big-data systems".
One of many real-world examples how Search Guard facilitated solutions for special tasks during COVID-19:
When schools closed, the load on remote learning platforms increased quickly, massive scaling was required and insight into applications performance was key for Arnes.
Various logs and metrics, separated by teams / services were provided, but at the same time, data had to be kept separate and permissions had to be restricted not only to keep data about children safe:
"We had a tramendous users growth. Services, where a single server was MORE than enough on friday, needed to scale to a few of them on monday."
Without the need to lower the security measures Search Guard provided the ability to quickly spot latency spikes and get down to fixing, Arnes reports.
"There were many times when we were able to fix the problem before most of the users even registered something was wrong."

Where to go next

Image: shutterstock/ MJGraphics
Published: 2020-06-02
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