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A list of all Search Guard Authors

Anja Glauch
Anja Glauch is the Chief Marketing Officer with over two decades of experience in SEO, social media, and integrated marketing communications.
Aki Abramowski
Software Engineer
Aki Abramowski is a highly driven and independent Software Engineer with over five years of work experience. Aki has substantial expertise in Java backend programming, Elasticsearch, and Search Guard. As a fast learner, Aki is always eager to explore and master modern software technologies.
Jochen Kressin
CEO / Founder
Jochen Kressin is the Founder and CEO of Search Guard and Eliatra. Search Guard is one of the first security plugins for Elasticsearch and Kibana, so he has year-long experience providing security solutions for this ecosystem. With the advent of ODFE and finally OpenSearch, Jochen Co-founded Eliatra. Eliatra specializes in support, services, products and solutions for OpenSearch and is an official partner and contributor to the project.
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