Jochen Kressin

Jochen Kressin is a Serial Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Search Guard, Eliatra and go-ffwd.

Jochen Kressin
CEO / Founder
Jochen Kressin is the Founder and CEO of Search Guard and Eliatra. Search Guard is one of the first security plugins for Elasticsearch and Kibana, so he has year-long experience providing security solutions for this ecosystem. With the advent of ODFE and finally OpenSearch, Jochen Co-founded Eliatra. Eliatra specializes in support, services, products and solutions for OpenSearch and is an official partner and contributor to the project.
I am a Serial Entrepreneur, CTO, IT architect and team lead with over 20+ years of work experience. I possess deep knowledge in specifying, developing, deploying and operating high traffic, customer-facing sites and as a result, am accustomed to leading multi-national teams of up to 30 developers, including software development, quality assurance and business operations.
My years of in-depth technical work experience, as well as my ability to lead fully bootstrapped companies into the multi-million dollar range, is a testament to my ability to take companies to the next level. Throughout my career I’ve had to manage both technical and commercial aspects of the IT business, working closely together with other business departments and stakeholders to deliver end-to-end solutions from the inception of an MVP all the way to the roll-out of the final iteration of a product. I am also responsible for budgeting, project staffing and implementation schedules.
My technological background is deeply rooted in distributed systems, high-performance Java/JEE applications based on Open Source software (OSS), Big Data and search engine technologies. I have extensive experience with highly scalable systems running on several hundreds of servers across multiple data centers.
My degree in Computer Science from FH Offenburg as well as my MBA from the University Potsdam has allowed me to construct both a technological and business worldview of the IT industry. My passion lies in new disruptive business models that have the ability to reshape and improve the digital economy.
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